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We host both local and international students for a 10-day global health educational experience. We have structured informative workshops, field experience and design-your-own global systems thinking project that focuses on promoting disaster recovery in a sustainable, community-based fashion. All while being fully immersed in the culture of the Manabítas. We will eat out at delicious local restaurants, explore the market, go on the adventure activities and prepare Ecuadorian food. All students stay together at a local hostel or house.

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We are an inter-cultural and interdisciplinary team of experts working across the full spectrum of global health. WPGH staff are highly trained in emergency disaster relief and recovery and are bound by our passion for sustainability. We, along with our collaborators, offer perspectives and provide tools which empower leaders to use systems thinking in uncovering creative solutions to global health issues. Global Health dynamics are complex and ever evolving and that’s why we use Systems Thinking to help simplify large issues. This approach looks at interactions between environment, biota, and social dynamics to explain health outcomes and disparities. With a combination of workshops led by our unique team members and local guest lecturers we create an environment in which students partake in inquiry-based learning. Our courses not only give students the skills needed for research and sustainable development but puts knowledge into action as students partake in our long-term community service projects. We trust that our students will use their learning experiences to impact and empower the future communities that they will serve in.


“Systems thinking is a set of synergistic analytic skills used to improve the capability of identifying and understanding systems, predicting their behaviors, and devising modifications to them in order to produce desired effects. These skills work together as a system. The ability of our world’s citizens to perform effective systems thinking is extremely important to the world’s future. The use of systems thinking transcends many disciplines, supporting and connecting them in unintuitive but highly impactful ways.” -Arnold & Wade 2015


  1. Teach students the principles behind systems thinking & apply these principles into clinical health practice.

  2. Teach students the framework and tools needed to conduct systems based research & create environment & health policy.

  3. Learn holistic sustainable methods aimed at providing natural disaster relief and recovery in a culturally responsible manner.

  4. Engage in unique Latin American culture and apply new ideas to solve world issues.


Participating Schools:


SUNY Upstate Medical University

SUNY College of Environmental Science

Columbia University

Iowa State University

University of San Francisco

University of California Irvine

University of California Santa Barbara

University of Colorado Denver

Metropolitan State University Denver


University of Glasgow

University of Sussex

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