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Joining communities to promote sustainable development using a combination of education, holistic wellbeing techniques, medicine and research. 


Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in April of 2016 resulting in high rates of mortality, morbidity, loss of homes, livelihoods and hope. Our medical clinic was developed in response to this tragic disaster and its lasting effects as we work towards recovery. We have set out to promote health from all its different angles through medical care, education, mental health attention, research and community building activities.


We are an interdisciplinary team of young nurses, scientists and professional community developers on the ground that join forces with community members, Ecuadorian Ministry of Health, students, doctors and professionals in learning practical and theoretical applications toward ongoing global health disaster recovery.

Our Name


Our name comes from the Walking Palm tree, Socratea exorrhiza,  indigenous to the rainforests of Central and South America. The tree is able to move up to 20 centimeters a year, by extending and growing roots in a new direction, leaving the old roots behind to decompose. These roots left behind will enrich the soil, while the original tree is constantly moving in the direction of light. Like the Walking Palm, we hope to put down roots in our community, enrich it, while constantly moving towards a better, and brighter future. 




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