Our Partners


Our diverse and passionate partner organizations, both in Ecuador and the United States, are an invaluable part of the Walking Palms ecosystem. Together we are improving the lives of the most vulnerable populations in the province of Manabí, Ecuador.


Our University partners form the backbone of our programs and services. These institutions not only promote our work and support their students involvement, but collaborate with us on essential research projects which drive our in-country initiatives.

Columbia University
Vector-borne disease research

SUNY Upstate Medical University
Medical services and donations
Chronic disease research
Women’s health research

University of Wisconsin
Vector-borne disease outreach and education: Mosquitos y Yo 

Iowa State University
Vector-borne disease outreach and education: Mosquitos y Yo 

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador
Environmental Health Research
Vector-borne disease research

Universidad de San Francisco Quito
Research and outreach

Universidad Tecnica de Machala
Vector-borne disease research and outreach


In collaboration with local ministries, WPGH is able to offer and distribute our services to the communities in most need. We are proud to work closely with these committed public servants!

Ecuadorian Ministry of Health
Medical Brigades
Vector-borne disease research

Ecuadorian Ministry of Education
Science Education
Vector-borne disease prevention and control outreach


It is a privilege to work with our friends at NGOs doing invaluable work in Manabí and the rest of the world. These partnerships leverage our respective talents, skills and passions to improve our collective impact.

Corazones Solidarios HIV research and education

Bahia EcoClub
Community gardens

Planet Drum
Community gardens

Marine plastic and food systems research

La Finca Organica
Community gardens, agriculture education

Punta Gorda Reserve
Environmental education and conservation

Peace in Mind
Mental health first aid capacity training

Hope Music Ecuador
Mental Health therapy programming

La Fundacion Sathya Sai
Medical brigades
Science Education


Manabí offers unique and diverse ecosystems to facilitate essential scientific research. Home to one of the few remaining tropical dry forests in the world, endangered coastal mangroves and the temperate Pacific Ocean, together with our collaborators we have the opportunity to study not only man’s impact on our world and global health challenges, but discover ways to improve our relationship with nature.

Join our group of passionate researchers or leverage our platform to execute your vision!

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