Here are some of our favorite projects



Vector Borne Surveillance

Different ongoing research and surveillance projects on vector borne diseases (zika, dengue and chikungunya) link prevalence and symptoms with disaster areas and mental health. This is being done in partnership with the local Ministry of Health and SUNY Upstate. *Ongoing project


Diabetes &


Hypertension Screening 

La Segua

We perform diabetes and hypertension screenings as well as nutrition counseling. We also have developed an insulin program with help from SUNY Upstate Medical from Syracuse, NY.  *Ongoing project 


Insulin Program

We partnered with a specialist from SUNY Upstate to provide and monitor insulin to people who otherwise would not have access to it and whose quality of life can be highly improved by this medicine. * Ongoing project


Nutrition Workshop

With a high burden of malnutrition, obesity and diabetes, we have devoted much of our effort into developing a more balanced diet in our communities through group workshops and one-on-one coaching. *Ongoing project


Mental health 


We partnered with Peace In Minds (PIM), a Canadian mental health education organization, to train members of the community, teachers and prison staff in identifying and stabilizing mental health crisis. *Ongoing project


Music therapy

La Comunidad Maria Auxiliadora

We partner with local foundation Hope Music to bring an alternative form of stress relief to our communities. *Ongoing project


Yoga Workshops

Group yoga has proven to be a powerful outlet for tension during our sessions with the inmates of the local prison and a fun physical activity for all levels and ages in our communities. *Ongoing project 


Medical Relief and Recovery Brigades

Since the very first days after the earthquake we have been working on first response healthcare, stabilizing our communities and providing basic medical care. Countless international, national and local medical brigades have joined us in this. *Past project 


Water Filter Distribution



We partnered with La Escuela Sathya Sai to help distribute donated water filters to areas where water systems had collapsed. *Past project 


Dance Workshop

Through dancing we try to engage the elders from our local elder’s center in feel-good physical activity and interact with young committed volunteers. *Past project