Student Trips

As global citizens we believe in creating space where different cultures can join in the sharing and learning of new ideas. This non-traditional education setting has helped us to develop new methods towards creating sustainable recovery. During this trip, students are able to see how post-natural disaster communities are moving towards recovery and how in doing so physical, mental, and spiritual health can be affected for the better. Our programs goal is to use a systems approach to guide creative thinkers and empower young leaders across cultures to tackle global health issues.

What we do!


Come join us for 10 day global health educational experience in Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador! We will be hosting university students both local and international to come take part in our year long projects focused on promoting disaster recovery in a sustainable, community-based fashion.  The cultural immersion between local and international Universities allows for unique flow and creation of new ideologies. Together we will learn about global health diving deeper into systems thinking, community health, vector borne diseases, holistic care and practices, personal well being, alternative therapies, climate and environmental health, research methods and applications, emergency preparedness, food, culture and more! We will also partake in sunset swims, latin dancing, and eat amazing locally produced foods. Our program provides a breath of the many topics that are involved in disaster recovery. We are very flexible and upon arrival students can tailor our program to fit their interests. The trip concludes with the presentation of a new group deliverable that will be continued on in our communities. Past student leaders have returned home and used the knowledge gained from our programs to instill progressive forms of health care in their own communities. We can’t wait to for you to join our growing family!

Bahía de Caráquez


This port city is located approximately 6 hours North of Guayaquil Airport. It is surrounded by beautiful ocean views and mountains. Bahía is a tropical dry forest and has a unique environment during the cool dry seasons. During the wet season however, it is extremely green with luscious mountains. The city is rebuilding and coming back even stronger than ever. It has vibrant beautiful murals, delicious restaurants, and places for latin dancing. The area also has great biodiversity with magnificent plants and animals.


Students will live together in one of the local hostels. It is community shared space with beautiful art and views. All meals will be eaten together in a sit down family styled setting. Each night will end with a sharing circle to summarize our daily activities, thoughts, and goals.



The safety of our students is our #1 priority when students join our community. We want this experience to be as immersed as possible and believe that safety comes first. Staff members on the ground are all trained in first aid (physical and mental) and are bilingual. One or more of our team members will always be present and all activities will be performed in group settings, as we become a family over the 10 day trip. Finally, all students will undergo a safety training on their first day.

We encourage also students to follow CDC guidelines for health information and vaccinations.