To connect and empower local communities promoting disaster recovery using education, research and medicine.


In April of 2016

a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the coast of Ecuador destroying homes, families, & the financial security of business endeavors.

Walking Palms Global Health arose in the interest of bringing down doctors, nurses, and volunteers from different parts of the world to come together to form medical brigades that has provided relief to over 6,000 community members affected by this disaster.

In doing this work, WPGH realized recovery efforts needed to be implemented to create sustainable community development.

Today, our organization is composed of three intertwining parts, education, research, and medicine. We are a global health organization that uses Systems Thinking to help our communities recover.  As an interdisciplinary team, we aim to promote and offer holistic, preventative healthcare and education to those affected by the 2016 earthquake. All of our work is community driven and based on data-backed research.



We share a vision in which health care is affordable and preventative care is a lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle—one in which we can afford to take the time to invest in ourselves so that we have the energy to heal and serve where our skills may be needed. With a deep connection to our work and purpose, we can learn practical and theoretical applications toward ongoing global health disaster recovery. We believe that through an interdisciplinary approach to health care, we can help even the most vulnerable populations to overcome destruction and build an even healthier community.