Our Mission

Joining communities to promote sustainable development using a combination of education, holistic wellbeing techniques, medicine and research. 

We are an interdisciplinary team of young nurses, scientists and professional community developers on the ground that join forces with community members, Ecuadorian Ministry of Health, students, doctors and professionals in learning practical and theoretical applications toward ongoing global health disaster recovery. 

Comfort, health, security, environment, learning and understanding, loving and growing.  It’s a model of humanity that, in a perfect world, would be everywhere.
— Bonnie - Emergency Medicine M.D.

What We've Achieved since 2016 earthquake

  • Emergency Medicine (18 communities) 

  • Ongoing primary care (6 communities)

  • Patients attended to- 6,000

  • Insulin Program

  • Vector Borne Illness Program

  • Mosquito's y Yo Program

  • Mental Health Education (PIM)

  • Music Therapy (Hope Music)

  • Yoga Therapy 

  • Diabetes and Hypertension Counseling

  • Nutrition Workshops