Trip to Junco 6/22/18


Today we went to Junco, a village 30 minutes from downtown Bahia and continued with the second day of our new music therapy initiative with the kids. Junco is a community filled with kind hearts and beautiful smiles, but stricken with poverty, HIV, alcoholism, and domestic violence; it also receives little government aid and funding.The goal of our music therapy is to inspire leadership, attentiveness, behavior, self confidence and create a safe space for open discussion for kids around the ages of 6-8. This pilot  project will occur over 10 weeks, meeting once every Friday.


When we arrived, the kids slowly started to appear running over at full speed cuadernos in hand. We started out with deep breathing, then drew our feelings. After that we sang and danced, and then learned about rhythms, then sang and danced some more. Every kid got a chance to try rhythms out on a drum, cheers and laughter accompanying every attempt. After this, we engaged in a group meditation and breathing exercise, and then a large group hug. Then the kids were asked to draw their feelings again. The difference in between their drawings was very encouraging to see, while most of the drawings in the beginning were of the kids themselves with their name on the bottom of the page, by the end the drawings consisted of the children with their friends, with words like super, feliz, and allegro.