What we do 

 University of San Francisco students stand in front of CocoBongo, one of our partnered hostels. 

University of San Francisco students stand in front of CocoBongo, one of our partnered hostels. 

We believe as global citizens we must create opportunities to learn from other countries, as well as use our skill sets to benefit others. We want to create opportunities for students to be able to see how a post-natural disaster community can function, and how physical, mental, and spiritual health can be affected.

During our trips, students will receive the chance to work on our many global health projects and receive full immersion into the wonderful community of Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador. Students will engage in our ongoing projects that include our: 

  • Vector borne disease research
  • Music therapy 
  • Diabetes and hypertension screenings
  • Nutrition couselling 
  • Insulin program and housecalls 
  • Community gardening 
  • Mosquitos y Yo program 
  • Senior center yoga partnership


Where are we


We are located in Bahía de Caraquez, a small town located on the coast of Ecuador in the province of Manabi. What was once a booming port full of tourists, and vacation homes for those coming from Quito and Cuenca, is now a town with social and infrastructural issues exacerbated by the 2016 earthquake. Yet the town still retains its natural beauty and small town charm. Bahía, along with several other towns along the coast, is known for its wonderful beaches and temperate climate, as well as corky characters.


We make volunteer safety as our #1 priority when bringing students into our community. We want this experience to be as immersed as possible, but we believe that safety comes first. Staff members on the ground are fluent in Spanish, and there will always be someone present with first aid training or more. All activities will be performed as a group, as we become a family for a week, meaning, we will always be together.